Thursday, April 26, 2007

Three Things to Consider Before Relocating to a New Area

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If you have been researching information about the relocation process online, in almost every article, you will read about how very stressful it can be. It is reasonable to say that one will most likely experience some degree of culture shock, because lifestyles can vary dramatically between states, including the cost of living. Here are three things to consider for eliminating the anxiety of relocation:

1. Take some time to visit the area you are considering.

A little familiarity will go a long way, when it comes to knowing whether or not the area will suit your taste and lifestyle. Planning a vacation to the new area is the ideal way to experience the area and what it has to offer. Brochures and pamphlets can only do so much. If your move is job related, you will likely have a few home-hunting trips paid for. However, don’t use this time to get familiar, as you will likely be under some kind of pressure to find a place. Instead, it would be better visit the new area outside of this paid house-hunting time, so you can relax while you see the sights, and all that the area has to offer. By doing this, you will establish a degree of familiarity that will ease any potential “culture shock” when relocating to a new state, and your planning will also benefit from the insight you gain from your visit.

2. Research and plan your move well in advance.

If you can help it, put time on your side. The more time you have to plan your move, the better your plans will be, and the better your move will turn out. There are many resources on the Internet that will help make your plans as solid as possible. For example, has area reports that tell you about an area’s cost of living, schools, crime reports, etc. It will also let you do area comparisons, which is always good when deciding where to move. Another resource you can find on the Internet is a move planner. has a free move planner that you can use, along with other resources on their site, to help you plan a painless relocation.

3. Find an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker or Agent in the new area.

When you have done your research, visited the new area, and you have invested enough time into your planning—you are now ready to find an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker or Agent, if you did not find one already during your initial visit to the new area.

An exclusive buyer’s broker or agent is one who works for a real estate company that does not take listings. Exclusive Buyer Agency is the purest form of buyer representation. It helps buyers completely avoid Dual Agency—which is a conflict of interest. More and more buyers are realizing that they can get caught in a dual agency situation in one of two ways: (a) When the same broker or agent represents both buyer and seller in the same transaction, or (b) when two different agents, one representing seller and the other representing the buyer, works in the same transaction for the same real estate company—their company becomes the Dual Agent.

The best thing for consumers is for them to have their own real estate representatives, separate and apart from the other side in order to completely avoid dual agency, and not giving consent when asked to give it. As a consumer, you should stand firm when it comes to protecting your interests, and being clear about who is working for you is one of the best ways you can ensure that they are protected.

Lastly, if your relocation is job-related, you should be clear on whether or not you will be able to choose your own real estate agent. If not, you should make an effort to negotiate with your employer to, at least, help you avoid dual agency by asking your employer to instruct their relocation company to assign an Exclusive Buyer's Agent to represent you in the purchase of your home in the new area.

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