Friday, May 11, 2007

The Importance of Honest and Direct Communication in Real Estate

The relationship between real estate consumers and real estate professionals is that of a partnership, and a team. It means that they are working together to get the best possible results, whether one is buying or selling real estate. It is of great importance to have direct and honest communication. Without establishing this, goals cannot be accomplished, and trust can break down. Having honest and direct communication will put a working team on the right path. Important issues will be clear, and there will be synergy between team members.

According to a book called "Tools for Teams: Building Effective Teams in the Workplace" by Leigh Thompson, Eileen Aranda, and Stephen P. Robbins:

"Finally, teams develop synergy. Synergy means that team members together achieve more than each individual can. Whereas group members combine their efforts to achieve their goals, teams reach higher performance levels." (Thompson, Aranda, Robbins p. 6)

An effective team is not developed through hearsay. I recently declined a buyer referral because the buyer wanted to communicate through a third-party, instead of communicating directly. Working under these conditions does not make sense, because it leaves too much room for misunderstandings to develop. It should go without saying that real estate is not the place for hearsay. It is important that prospective clients are willing to communicate honestly and directly. Clients should be open, honest, and straight-forward about their situation. This allows an agent or broker to give them the best level of service.

Direct and honest communication prevents the possibility of a misunderstanding or confusion. It is not only a matter of principle, but it is also a matter of common sense, because it is critical that clients maintain clear communication with their agent or broker during a real estate transaction.

Keeping these things in mind will ensure success, synergy, and positive results, as well as, a satisfying closing experience for all members of a real estate team.

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