Friday, February 13, 2009

Real Estate Investing: Increase Your Financial Education

Whenever I talk to real estate investors who are just starting out on their journey to financial independence, I encourage them to build their knowledge through the many educational resources available that teach people how to build financial security in their lives.

My specialty is being an advocate for the buy-side of investment property purchase transactions for investor-clients. This has been a mission for me since 2003 when I became truly independent of the buyer/seller representation model of traditional real estate companies. Income property does not serve its intended purpose if it does not produce positive cash flow. The same can be said if the income produced does not meet an investors financial goals. Education is the key.

No matter who we are or where we come from, the road to creating financial security begins with obtaining good information, informing ourselves through the pursuit of financial education, and expanding our financial literacy. As a lifelong student of personal growth and development, I am always seeking out good educational resources to increase and expand my professional expertise and financial intelligence, as well as teach and share my experiences with the people I serve valued clients, family, and friends.

Here is a video from the Rich Dad company with co-founder Robert T. Kiyosaki talking about three types of education. Enjoy!

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