Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Senator Proposes Legislation for $15K Tax Credit for All Buyer with NO Income Limitations

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On June 10th, Johnny Isakson, a Senator for the State of Georgia, introduced legislation that would give ALL buyers a $15k tax credit with NO income limitations. Senator Isakson was cited as follows:

"The first-time homebuyer tax credit has made a difference. First-time home buyers used it and the market stabilized, but we don't have a recession in first-time home buyers. We have a recession in the move-up market," Isakson said. "One of the biggest problems facing the American people today is an illiquid housing market, a decline in their equity, a decline in their net worth and a depression in the housing market that we are obligated to correct if we possibly can." --Sen. Isakson--

The passing of this legilation will go a long way to stimulate the recovery of this ailing economy. I hope this one passes!

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