Friday, December 01, 2006

The Disappointing Truth About NAEBA

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It is official. Our agency will not be renewing our membership with NAEBA (National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents) in 2007. There are a few reasons for this, however, I will stick to the main point.

I was excited to learn about this organization, at first, because EBA's have limited avenues for support with fellow colleagues. I was hopeful that I would find camaraderie, support, enhanced growth opportunities, and the chance to compare notes about the challenging business of exclusively working with real estate buyers.

With so few of us out there, one would think that there would be more unity within the organization, but there is only political favortism towards senior members. This is especially true when a new member operates in the same market area as a senior member. You will quickly find yourself outside of a deeply engrained clique, that tends to play political games and favoritism. The instability of this organization exists not only with new members, but also from within its administration.

Here is what one member had to say about his experience with NAEBA:

"What has been most disturbing to me over the years is the amount of internal politics and ego battling over the years for various positions or policies within the organization. It turned me off and caused me to drop my membership for a long period of time. I am most disturbed and embarressed that friends of mine became victims of the internal political struggles that also prevented NAEBA from emerging as a more potent leader in buyer agency and making good on its commitments to membership."

--Barry L. Nystedt, MCBA, CEBA - Buyer Brokerage Realty, Newton Massachusetts--

Final Note:

My experience with this organization has been nothing short of a disappointment. I am relieved to be at the end of a most dissatisfying affiliation. With this thought in mind, I now speak to my non-member EBA colleagues...

You are better off investing your hard-earned $300 into your marketing budget, while remaining true to the advancement of exclusive buyer agency in the real estate industry.

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