Friday, December 01, 2006

Does Agency Really Matter?

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Buyers are best served by exclusive buyer agents and brokers. These dedicated buyer advocates do not take listings. They help buyers avoid Dual Agency, which is a conflict of interest. For example, a buyer finds a property listed with their agent’s company, the property is listed with a different agent within the same company, the company becomes a Dual Agent.

Dual agency becomes a problem when issues arise between buyer and seller. The company cannot fully go to bat for either side, because dual agents are required by law to remain neutral to both parties. Since problems can and do arise between buyers and sellers, it is better for buyers to eliminate the possiblity of such conflicts of interest before stepping into the market. Engaging the services of an experienced exclusive buyer’s agent is a good way for buyers to avoid dual agency and its inherent risks.

As the general public becomes more aware of these risks, we will see more buyers come to know and understand the value of buyer agency agreements; especially, exclusive buyer agency agreements, which is used to engage the services of an exclusive buyer agent (EBA).

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