Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An Interesting Discussion: Garbage In, Garbage Out - Getting the Best from an Agent

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Every once in a while, a Blog pops up that really hits on some interesting points. This particular Blog entitled, "Garbage In, Garbage Out - Getting the Best from an Agent," Jessica Beganski, a Realtor and an exclusive buyer's agent from South Windsor Connecticut, discusses two common buyer perceptions and misconceptions that she has observed in her experience. This Blog is interesting because Jessica captures the core of how buyers can get the most out of working with an exclusive buyer’s agent:

From Jessica’s Blog:

“A buyer’s agent will not run out to the property because you are not our client (yet) and we haven’t even met you. I am my own product - I sell my services not the house you’re buying."

"So, if you want top notch service and a great house, think about how you are perceived by the agents you contact when looking for a house.”

Cite Source: Real Estate in Connecticut

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